About Teddi



Here’s what I hang on walls next to shows (well edited by my husband) :

My passion for painting started at a young age and was greatly encouraged by my family throughout my early life. With this foundation in place, I began to experiment and learn new techniques over the course of the semester I studied Spanish in Argentina. While living in Buenos Aires, I purchased canvasses and paints and then carried the finished paintings through the subway system by hand.  Just imagine that for a minute. ::wink::


Through the gracious advice and critique of my pen-pal mentor, I am now making up for the lack of formal artistic training in my past and am currently learning how to better evoke emotion through vibrant use of color.

What started out simply as a hobby (and a means to cover the empty walls of my friends’ apartments) has sprouted into a discovery of the power of beauty through painting. I love Jesus, and that is what gives me the confidence to approach a fresh, empty canvass and bring it to life. After all, he’s the real creator of beauty.


Here’s what I actually sound like:

My husband and I live in Fort Collins, CO.  I moved out here from Minnesota to go to school for Spanish, and still love everything about languages but have pursued expressing creativity and embracing the need to create more and more.  My whole family is creative and right-brained, so I really enjoy being married to a left-brained engineer to keep things organized and business-y.  Thanks Love.

I recently discovered the online community of artists at the Daily Paintworks website and have been floored with inspiration ever since.  The site is full of artists from everywhere and they are committed to doing a small painting everyday > and here’s my new conviction.  It hit me fresh how any skill is like learning to play an instrument, you need to practice.  So after all this hesitation and resistance I’m diving in.  Follow my adventure here as I post new paintings (almost) daily with hopefully a blurb of thoughts.  My hope through this daily painting venture is to improve my skills in capturing a unified piece using minimal and well placed brush strokes, better understand color theory through practice, and experiment with composition.  I admire the suggestive-ness of the many artists that inspire me lately, and hope to incorporate this into my work.