Giant Still Life progress


Ok guys, I’ve honestly been sleeping in most of my free time.  Trying to kick this cold before my visitors come this weekend.  Luckily these art lessons keep me doing something at least.  Here’s what I managed to do yesterday just so I did “art” every day this week.

photo 2 (96)

I wanted to take a break from little ones and work on a larger piece again.  My first love.  It’s so daunting after working so small for so long.  But I am excited about this still life.  Here’s a reference photo, though I’m working from life:

photo 1 (90)


And here’s a close up of the apples so far:

photo 3 (54)

I’m learning so much myself teaching the 12 year olds about enhancing your composition with ‘saturation’, meaning, your subject will have the most ‘pure color’ whereas the rest of your painting will be more grey. (adding the compliment to the color to ‘grey’ or dull it up).  I’m really going to focus that skill here, making the apples the bright full-of-color objects, and everything else being sort of grey.  A challenge for me as I love bright colors. : )

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