102 Pomegranate in Ten


I have to stop trying to come up with clever names when I need to post fast.  This one will always remind me of a fun day with the 12 year olds in class.  As I said previously in a post, they were starting to get nit-picky with their paintings and focusing on things wayyyy too much.  So, in order to break them from this a little and help them to capture the ‘essence’ quicker and more accurately, I had them do the 10-minute challenge.  This goes for anyone who wants to challenge themselves to ‘suggest’ more than just ‘reproduce’.  Anyways, there were TERRIFIED in the beginning.

Here’s how it goes:  I had them split their canvas into 4 quadrants and explained we’d be painting the pomegranate 4 different times, each in a different pose and lighting, but only got 10 minutes for each painting.  WHAT! , they exclaimed. : ).  My favorite part; seeing the panic for the first painting as I gave them the 5 minute warning, then seeing their surprise at how much time they had at the 5 minute warning for the last painting.  Mission accomplished!  They did great!  Here’s a snap shot of our set up:


I was so inspired I painted 2 of the pomegranate poses with them.  It IS challenging figuring out how to suggest a pomegranate with only 10 minutes.  This is the first of my two.  I think I got it a little better the second time, as is how practice goes. : )

I also considered naming this painting “Christmas or Fruit?”  Because we all decided our first pomegranates looked an awful lot like Christmas ornaments.

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