Tomato Hat


I couldn’t believe how fast this still life came together!  I knew I wanted to do many glass jars (of course), and I had this perfect tomato from the neighbor’s garden, so I started there.  This one just “fell off my brush” -as Carol would say ::smile::  I know I say this often after every dry spell, but I’m really enjoying being excited about painting again.

I wasn’t going to post this one yet because after looking at it for a while, I’ve decided I want to go back into the pattern of the fabric with a smaller brush and vary the strokes some more.  The actual fabric is such small detail in the pattern that I think if I pick an area and add some more detail it might strengthen the composition.

This one would have been fun to take step-by-step shots of because I painted the tomato first, the the jar underneath it, then the tall skinny jar, then the table cloth, then the teal jar, then the background.  The jars look really funny with all the colors in them but no background around them yet.

You’ll just have to imagine it. : )

I’ll post the price tomorrow.

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