89 The King’s Grapes



I don’t know, something about this just says Ceasar….greecian columns….right?

I actually painted the purple vase the same day as the last still life I posted because I have these GORGEOUS red-purples (my newly decided favorite color btw.)  So I painted the vase again while I had them mixed.  I really loved how the vase turned out – as usual – and the more I look at the grapes, they do kind of look like they’re glowing.  Okay, getting closer.  Now the shadow just needs to be more transparent.

Class with my 12 year olds was awesome today!  We’re onto how color can enhance a composition.  We set up a still life together and drew it on the canvass, but that’s all the further we got.  Great lessons learned, pushing through frustrating perspectives and proportions, but they’re doing so great!

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