Custom Still Life


My first still life commission!  A commission like this is different for me than a commissioned, say, landscape.  This is my turf!  The commissions (could I say that word more?) where people want my style but their image or idea are great, but extra challenging and nerve wracking because they’re usually not my normal genre.  Good challenging for sure – otherwise I’d never get out of my comfort zone and try something new, but scary for the same reason.

A customer of mine at the coffee shop wanted a few specifics in a still life and asked me to put it together for him.  He wanted 3 slices of orange and grapes.  That’s all I had.  He was admiring the glass still lifes that are hanging at the shop currently so I had some sort of idea of what he was imagining.

Now to the painting.  The more I paint this purple vase the more I love it!  My grapes could stand to be “choppier”, and I want to practice polka dots more, but as usual – I’m in love with the glass. : )

in the studio

in the studio

Blank wall space….must cover it….

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