87 Neighbor’s Eggs



I came home to a letter on the front door telling me to come over to 706 and get some of their chicken’s eggs because they had too many.  What a wonderful note!  I’ve probably been getting to know that couple the best so far in the neighborhood too, just great.  I just had to paint them today, right?!

photo 1 (83)


I really had fun with the shadows in this one.  I actually started with those, I like how in paintings of artists I love, it looks like they paint the shadows first – almost transparently, then go around the edges with the bright light shining down.  I’ve been working on that.  I think I could have paid more attention to the egg “white” part in this painting.  It did sort of melt and spread all over the plate, but I feel like I got too anxious to be done….shoot.  Still had fun painting this one though!

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