84, 85 Plum Drop


I had the day off today and took advantage of all the time to paint!  I started out with a warm up (below) and wasn’t terribly pleased with it, again.  But since reading Carol Marine’s blog, and from personal experience, of not painting for a while – then beginning again – it might take a few paintings to get the hang of it.  So I pushed through and worked with some plums a coworker of my husbands gave us.  Thanks Pat!  I loved the red-purple richness that they had, and decided to keep everything else pretty simple.  I’m feeling better about life now. : )

I also (hopefully) finished a dog portrait one of my coworkers commissioned me for.  I have to admit, the photos I had were pretty tough to work from, but I used two or three to get this image to work.  I also hope she doesn’t see it here, I haven’t handed it off yet. ::wink::  -but thought I’d show you all that I am still painting when I can!

photo 1 (80)

Looking at it now I feel like the face needs to be brightened to attract more of the attention.  Right now the hind leg and front paw are stealing the show.  Yay for looking at it through a different lens.

Here’s that other painting from today.

Purple Much?

Purple Much?

A friend of mine asked to see me use more purple….I think it’s subconsciously happening.  I almost titled this one ‘Red Handed’ because this is how I found the jar and flower on my still life shelf today and loved the lines the leaves and huge petals made with the curve of the vase.  Then I realized nothing about the painting would be “Red Handed.” Heh.

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