80 Pug Life



My father in law is in town this weekend helping with some projects around the house!  He’s been super helpful and we’re very grateful.  Thanks Dan!

I have a few dog portrait commissions this month so I thought I’d practice with a dog today.  Some friends of ours breed Pugs and just had a litter of 7 puppies I think!  This was from the photo for their Facebook page.  Too fun.  The hardest part= what to do with the background.  I think the purple was a good move.  For this painting, I started with black and did all the darkest parts first.  Then dark brown, then a reddish brown and kind of worked my way up toward the lighter colors.  I did have to go back and re-work some of the wrinkles again.  Oh pugs.  Enjoy!

Here’s a shot from my show at Mugs at the Oval location:

Mugs at the Oval show

There’s so much wall space there, this is the front corner nook.

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