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Bah!  It’s been 4 days since I’ve painted a canvas, I hate when I do that.  We move into the house this Saturday so we’re wrapping up a few important projects over there.  But here’s something I thought might be fun.  My artist friends Scott and Molly Freeman gave me a tour of their studio once and told me to surround myself with things that inspire me.  They had pictures, both photos and magazine pages, anything, taped all over the walls.  There were bookshelves of items they would grab in the street or buy at a thrift store, piled neatly.  It was awesome!

So for my studio at home, my husband put hooks in the wall and tied wire to them so I could hang images all over the walls, but change them out whenever I pleased.  Here’s a photo:

Studio at the apartment

Studio at the apartment

I highly recommend any artist doing this.  As you go through your day, recognize when something touches you, and if possible, take it. : ).  My wall is covered in Food Network magazine photos (I love painting food) and drawings I liked, and color schemes that hit me…anything.

Have fun with it.

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