76 Reigning Tomato


I’m in the middle of teaching myself some lessons about using color, with the help of my pen-pal mentor of course, would this be considered an analogous color scheme?! (using colors that are right next to each other on the color wheel.)

color-wheel Red, purple and blue?  I guess I skipped over the tertiary colors in between them.  Oh well.  I just love red and purple together for some reason!  There are things I like about this painting ::ahem:: (the scissors), and there are things I don’t enjoy….as usual. : ) Maybe this means the scissors will make another appearance soon.

On another note, I sold this gem to a sweet 10 yr old from Texas yesterday.  She saw my art hanging at Big Al’s and had to have it.  Atta girl!  I was inspired by her inspiration, maybe I’ll keep painting. ::wink::

Grease Lightning | Re-purposed House Paint | 12x12in | $36

Grease Lightning | Re-purposed House Paint | 12x12in | SOLD

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