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Whoops, missed a day!  But I painted yesterday I swear….the ceilings of our new home : ).  But seriously, I did get a chance to work a little on a larger painting I’d like to finish this week.  Here’s a photo;

Stanley Hotel

Stanley Hotel

This is from when we were in Estes Park.  We took a tour of the Stanley Hotel, ya know, the one from The Shinning, ::wink::  Anyways, I thought this view of the veranda was so wonderful, so it became a painting.  I have only the basic colors so far, hopefully it’ll look nice and loose when it comes together.

Here’s what I did yesterday:

photo 1 (68)

Ha!  We bought an old house, so there’s always the fear of lead paint when we’re sanding walls.  I’ve been the plaster queen lately too.  My husband ripped down a wall and it’s so close to being put back together!  Thanks for all the support from everyone.

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