72 Lighting the Light



Here are those lightbulbs I mentioned last post.  I only had 2 clear ones and the set up just felt incomplete, so I added a white opaque lightbulb I had from home.  The white one wasn’t as fun to paint, but it was challenging painting something white; TIP- remember you need the whitest part to be the shine, so make sure the rest of the object is a value shade darker so the reflection will still pop!

Not gonna lie, after I uploaded the image I noticed the lowest bulb on the canvas’ shadow wasn’t painted quite right, it looked like the bulb was hovering over the ground.  So I went back and touched it up.  Not everything comes out perfectly the first time, good reminder.

Here’s a little light for your Sunday!

And here’s a shot from my current show at Mugs Coffee Lounge:  The little ones are going fast!

photo (80)

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