71 Crowded -SOLD


I had 45 minutes to paint in the studio today and I managed to crank out something I liked!  I recently discovered my husband likes radishes on his salads, so I thought -perfect!- something to paint and eat that’s new and interesting.  I think I’ll have some bigger chunks of time coming up here soon to work on the larger pieces I have swimming around in my head, but I’m glad the ones I have squeezed in have worked out.

My favorite part; how the shadow turns red-purple directly under the radishes.  Yum.

In our second Home Depot run of the day I snagged a few clear light bulbs to try painting.  Another way to paint glass that’s a bit different, so look forward to that!

Here’s a shot from our progress on the house today!: A friend came over and showed us how to put up a header so we could support the ceiling and still knock out an ugly wall.

photo 2 (69)

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