70 Afternoon Tea No.1


I’m back!  In the studio that is.  So, I admit (but don’t advise this), I painted this one from my head.  I did the top of a tea cup on the top of my transformer box and thought it looked so cool I wanted to try it again in my studio.  I was kind of crunched for time so I didn’t brew any tea, maybe next time I will and we’ll see which looks better.  But ahhh, does it feel good to paint again!  I have a few ideas for some larger ones, hopefully I find time to do them.  The house is so distracting ::wink::

About the house…We made HUGE progress yesterday!  Ripped up the carpet, knocked down part of a wall, cut away over-grown bushes.  We are sore, and thankful.

photo (76)

A little shot of husband ripping through the wall.

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