69 Make a Wish



I painted this one the day we were leaving for MN.  The new challenge had popped up on the Daily Paint Works website and I just had to try it, get one last painting in before I knew I wouldn’t be able to paint for a week. (It’s hard getting back in the habit though.)  Candle light was definitely a challenge, but I just broke it all down into shapes and went for it.  I think painting is all about changing the way you SEE things.  It can be intimidating approaching a new blank canvas, but really looking at your subject and breaking it down into shapes makes it a bit less scary.

On another note; WE BUY A HOUSE TODAY!  So I’ll probably by over there all day starting projects.  I might be able to paint tonight, but if not, hopefully tomorrow after work.  I could see the house being so exciting and my mind filling up with things to do over there, but I’ll try really hard to stay in the studio too.

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