65 Faux Flowers Never Die – SOLD


Ha!  A true perk about having fake flowers around, though once I do have time to keep flowers around I should buy some to add more ‘life’ to my still lifes.  I’m thinking sunflowers first! (before they disappear from the grocery store shelves too).

Anyways, I find myself at Goodwill at least once  a week.  This week I stumbled across this faux bouquet of white peony-looking flowers grounded to the bottom of a short, thick vase (my favorite kind!) to make it look like they’re sitting in water.  Probably super silly, but I was inspired!  I also decided to take a break from the usual style and go a little heavier in the ‘suggestive’ brush stroke direction.  I especially love how the vase and stems turn out when I do this.  Enjoy!

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