My pen-pal mentor


Back in 2012 I was at a friend’s house in Evergreen, CO for thanksgiving.  They introduced me to a mutual friend of theirs who is also a visual artist.  Best ‘coincidence’ ever!  We chatted, showed pictures of our works to each other, and she patiently answered many questions of mine about what it’s like to be a professional artist.  Near the end of the conversation she offered me a wonderful plan to keep this friendship going – she was going to mentor me via snail mail.  The situation was, I would draw or paint something, then send her the photo and she would send it back critiqued with suggestions and tips all over it!!  When they came back I studied them (still do) and am learning the “rules” of art that way.

We are still pen-pals today, and I continue to learn from her wisdom and experience.  This post is a shout out to my pen-pal art mentor Elizabeth Thurow.  Thank you so much for taking me under your wing and sharing what you know > it’s contagious and made me want to run back into my studio and keep trying again.  And that’s what I want my art to do to everyone else.

Elizabeth Thurow, click her name above to see more!

Elizabeth Thurow, click her name above to see more!

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