I’m painting a ‘box?’


For those of you not familiar with Fort Collins or Loveland and the bizarre project of painting on Transformer Cabinets, here’s some information I found to help explain the project >

Bit of interesting information I stumbled upon while Googling Amelia Caruso (local Fort Collins painter):

In 2006 the city of Ft Collins, Colorado came up with a plan to help mitigate graffiti, reduce maintenance costs and add art to the Fort Collins community. The plan was to select local artists to paint the transformer boxes with colorful murals that would make the boxes less desirable for graffiti and tagging.

The program is proving to be successful and cost effective. The sanding, priming and repainting required to completely remove evidence of graffiti on one transformer cabinet costs about $250 and 20-30 man hours, according to Kraig Bader, Utilities Light & Power Standards Engineering Manager. While all three steps may not be required every time a vandal strikes, it still runs about $200 just to sand and prime a cabinet. By reducing graffiti, the city estimates savings could reach $130,000 over the life of a singletransformer cabinet~fcgov.com

And here’s an action shot from today, I had a helper with me : ).

photo (69)

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