61 Mushrooms N/A


Thinking of a clever name was taking too long.  Anyone have a better name for this?

Anyways, was at it again with my friend L.  She wanted to paint mushrooms, (because the ‘stringy’ part in the center intrigued her) and I’ve never painted them before, so of course we had to do them!  They turned out pretty great.  Although we both agreed we wanted to try them on a solid colored fabric next time.  We were initially drawn to the striped paper because of the red, but I think the pattern takes something away from the mushrooms.  Hmm, something to paint tonight maybe!?  We began with 3 colors for the mushrooms, a light, a mid and a dark, to kind of map out the mushrooms.  I explained that to make an interesting composition you don’t want to have equal parts of each (dark, mid, light).  It’s more interesting with a lot of one, a fair amount of the other, and a smidge of the third.  Here we did mostly mid, then light, and a smidge of dark.  And not each mushroom the same!  Wish I would have snapped a picture of her.  Oh well.

Just for fun; here’s a before and after of what I snuck over to work on today!

photo 1 (54)  photo 2 (57)

I’ll be back tomorrow, 9am-11am!  Behind Perkins in Old Town.

2 thoughts on “61 Mushrooms N/A

  1. I just noticed this. But this image is back lit in the painting, and the sun actually IS behind it. And in the skillet one, the shadows are correct with the actual sun too. Phew! Wish I could say I planned that ::wink::.

    • Nancy Parker

      Funny thing you should mention this because I had noticed that in this picture. In fact the presence of the glass of water with the straw made me wonder if you were using that to help you see the direction of the shadows. You must just be naturally attuned to it then. Nicely done =)

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