Our Finale


Oh man guys these turned out great!  We accomplished a lot from the last update.  Here’s an action shot:

photo 1 (50)

L did such a good job covering that huge canvas!  And we worked through some pretty tricky things; the different shades of white, hard edges vs. soft edges, glass… and like a champ!

And drum roll please….. ……. …..  Here’s L’s finished painting:

My favorite part here is her flower’s shadow on the far right, and how the composition kind of sets up in a triangle.  Cool!

And mine:

This is only my second time painting this round pot and I love how it turned out here!  If I could cut of the left third of the canvas, that is my favorite part.  Maybe I’ll just have to keep it set up and paint just that part again.

Excited to get this girl back and begin another masterpiece!

(to purchase this painting, check out the “still life” section on the left hand column.)

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