Progress report 2


photo 1 (46)

Round two of painting together time!  Another great 2 hours.  Here’s an action shot.  L’s is quite a bit bigger than mine but I’m loving the orange!  We’ll have to work that in so it shows through.

Today we did a warm up with the flowers to get the stiff-ness out before working on the ‘real thing’.  I think that helped a lot.  Then we got to fill in the glass and some shadows.  I got to express my love for painting glass and actually walk someone through it <firstTime> it was good to know I can do that!  It’s harder than you think trying to explain something that comes naturally for you to someone else.  Try it sometime.

Anyways, here’s L’s:    LOVE it!  Her glass is awesome!

photo 2 (48)

and here’s mine:

photo 3 (26)


I lost my horizon line a little, fear not, it will be back.  For previous progress click here.

In other news; I finished sketching on my transformer cabinet (see previous post) today and will officially start painting tomorrow evening from 6-8pm if you want to stop by.  SE corner of Olive and College in Old Town (behind the Perkins), if it’s not raining of course.


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