55 Only Room for One



Check me out, I did manage to crank one out before leaving this morning.  I actually finished this one last night in an eager attempt to just paint something! My soul was aching for it.  I love that.  I woke up early and started another one today, but alas, didn’t finish.  So this will be my last painting I post till I return from Minnesota.

My husband found this awesome little hexagon-bottomed jar on our last Goodwill excursion.  This painting came out pretty easy, the one I was working on this morning was a CHALLENGE!  I’m doing more of a top view on some bottles and man the proportions are tricky to draw.  There’s much I have to learn.  We were chatting about that on the way to the airport in fact; when and where I can take some classes.  Yipee!!

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