Complimentary Glass



The last of the four milk jug paintings.  It’s such a blast to paint, I actually found another fantastic milk jug at Goodwill yesterday.  I felt bad getting another one but my husband convinced me, and I’m really glad now!  We inspected it when we got home and there are tons of impurities in the glass and it’s a bit taller and bluer- so pumped!

This painting strayed a little from the bold and loose brush strokes I’ve been trying to do, whoops.  My husband liked it so I kept it.  Every painting has it’s lesson, and I think I learned some good green vs. red combos here, and an attempt at folded fabric.  This blue fabric is really stiff, probably won’t paint it again as a drapery, lesson learned.

The family is gone, so I might try to get the studio set up and work on something small because I leave for Minnesota tomorrow morning and won’t be back till Tuesday!  It’s like with my Spanish, the longer I go without speaking it, the less I remember!  I hope that doesn’t happen with painting, that’s why I’m anxious to get in there today.

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