51 Green Grapes


$20 USD

Holy moly has it been a crazy morning.  Lots of different people needing lots of different things.  Thankfully I prayed to be flexible this morning.  I tend to picture my whole day and then get upset easily if something comes up unexpectedly.  Yep.

But on a happier note, I tried painting grapes for the first time!  Carol’s grapes look nice and translucent, but hey!  -I did it, and I like them.  I prepped about 8 different shades of green, so that there would be lots of variety in the colors of brush strokes.  A good thing to note is to make sure not every grape is not painted exactly the same, I like to put a group of one color close to each other, or the white ‘shine’ different sizes and only a few of them.

I’m working on a larger still life with these grapes in them too, so I can try again.  And of course, glass!

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