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It’s a late post tonight.  We’ve been having quite the busy week and tonight was the peak of it.  My husband led the worship night at our church tonight, something we try to do as a church every other month.  But one of our pastor-friends tasked me with organizing (maybe not the best word for us B brains) artists in the church to worship in a more visual way with our skills.  A friend of ours who is a fantastic painter, Molly Freeman, does this sort of worship-painting at another church in town, so I picked her brain on how to go about putting one together myself.

Long story short, me and another gal in the college ministry set up camp in the back of the auditorium and art-ed it up while the band played.  My thoughts; in the beginning was a bit more relaxed and enjoyable because there was no pressure.  No one really noticed us yet, I knew there’d be tons more songs, I was singing.  But as the night was coming to an end I was feeling the pressure and lost the purpose of the evening;  To connect with Jesus.  Welp, for a first go-around I think it was alright.

Here’s the result.  I brought an image with me, I thought the bride was a good theme in Christianity.

The Bride | Acrylic on Stretched Canvas | 12x16in |$50

The Bride | Acrylic on Stretched Canvas | 12x16in |



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