48 Alice, Denise and Phil



Oh man, my sister has THE coolest pictures of her ducks I’ve been kind of going nuts with them.  Maybe more to come.  And yes, she named them Alice, Denise and Phil.  You gotta’ meet her (my sister) she’s the funniest.

My transformer project got approved!  I presented to the board last wednesday and they liked the images I made.  I told them I could start painting the box the 30th of this month, that’s next Monday.  SCARY!  Guess I better go buy supplies eh?  And I might be done with the Behemoth commission painting, as long as it passes the reviews I hope will happen before the un-veiling at their anniversary celebration.  Yikes!  I also got two more requests for paintings this week, of subjects I think I’ll enjoy even.  Yippee!  My un-official-role-model Carol Marine doesn’t do commissions anymore because they’re “no fun.”  I don’t know about no-fun, but maybe more stressful, wondering the whole time if they’ll actually like the result.  Cross your fingers for me!

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