47 The Interview



Sorry no post yesterday!  We were staying over night with the 6 kids I used to live with so their parents could have a little trip for their anniversary.  That’s right, 6.  But they’re wonderful and SO much fun.  Alas, no painting.  I did do this one ahead of time on friday though because I knew I wouldn’t be in the studio all weekend.  Being away was actually really refreshing, now I’m craving it.  I got two new glass bottles at Goodwill again today, so look for them in upcoming still lifes!

A few things I like and learned from this painting.  I like how the shadow turned out, really feels like the lighting is real.  And the whole plate in general, the proportions are huge in dishes and I think this one turned out pretty right-on.  If I do say so myself.  Thought, my forks need some work.  Straight on their a piece of cake!  From any other angle it’s tricky.  I’ll have to pay more attention next time.

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