45 Evening in the Alley



Feeling refreshed this morning!  I got some much needed fellowship with some women from church last night, simply talking about being married lately.  It’s funny how when your relationship with Christ is good everything else in life smooths over.  That’s how I’m feeling today.

Anyways, took this photo tuesday night while husband and I were walking around Old Town, heading to get chocolate cake for dessert.  Yum.  I feel like with this one I was in tune with my own painting nature, it comes out every now and then, and is much more comfortable.  Still learning the balance between painting like the style I enjoy in others’ art and letting my own self shine through.  But that’s what this blog is all about.  Thanks for the compliments lately and your patience in watching me grow, helps me to be patient with myself.

On another note; I presented my plan for the Transformer Box in front of the board meeting yesterday!  There were 4 other artists there and maybe 8 people on the board to present to.  A hand out with all my paintings and the location of the box was given to everyone and all I had to do was introduce myself and answer any questions they had.  SUPER easy and actually rather fun and laid back.  They seemed pretty impressed, but I was MOST encouraged by another artist painting this summer.  When I went to sit back down and showed her my hand out with the images of my paintings she said, “wow!” And looked at them for a while with more compliments.  And she’s a pro!  Thanks for that God.

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