44 Black Coffee



Since painting the larger version of cups of coffee for the transformer cabinet I’ve had the itch to do just the black coffee again.  Not as brilliant as the first, but hey, I’d still drink it.

Perhaps I do blue and orange together too much.  Add that to my lesson list, and move on!  One of the benefits of painting small guys everyday.  This is all I have to ‘technically’ show for my day, the majority of my day was spent on painting the ginormous commission I’ve been talking about lately.  It’s a secret, otherwise I’d post it.  The tricky thing with doing them so large, I’ve decided, is that I just have to throw the basic color values on and once most of the canvas is filled, then I can go back and adjust the lighting, and over-all harmony.  I’m actually working from, like, ten different photos too, all of which have different lighting and cloudiness in them.  Extra bonus points right!?

(secret: I just went and added the coffee stain on the napkin.  Mid post.  Here’s what I ALMOST posted ::wink::  Better, no?)

Black Coffee

Black Coffee

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