Orange Zinger


(To purchase this painting go to the Hallberg Online Gallery)

Found this awesome teapot at Goodwill yesterday, score!  I love this deep orange-red color.  I’m excited to experiment with lots of purples and blue-greens.  I actually fought a lot with this one this morning, my poor husband came in to watch because I asked him to watch me paint sometime, but because it was going so horribly he said he’d just go make breakfast.  Sheesh, when will I learn.

I tried the ten minute challenge again from Daily Paintworks site again.  It was a fun challenge again, last time I did a cherry each time.  I want to use the excuse that a fork is too small to do in a 3x3in area, but I think I just need to learn how to simplify and paint only the necessary details to ‘suggest’ a fork.  Or zoom in a little more.  Ah well, here it is.

Need a fork?

Need a fork?

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