38 People Watching People



It’s been a wonderful Saturday morning!  I had some women over for breakfast and summer small group planning for some church things, but it was just nice to have friends over, I hadn’t realized how long it had been.  The husband  had to go to work for a little while this morning so I had the apartment to myself once my friends left, which is nice because when he’s here I want to be with him!  Anyways, I got one small relax-the-brain painting out before I begin planning the GIANT commission that’s looming in the studio.  I hope to take it step-by-step but still keep the whole piece feeling unified and complete.

This was painted from a photo I took the same night we were out about Old Town and met local favorite Diane Findley.  I really want to practice some people studies and color blocking.  Capturing the positions of the bodies but only ‘suggesting’ the background.

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