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This is actually my canvas from the art lesson I told you about with my 7 year old friend.  I have a few kids come over once a week for an art lesson, they’re pretty fun and give me excuses to draw or paint when I otherwise wouldn’t.  It was his idea to paint paintbrushes, I just adjusted them a little to make the composition more interesting, and put a sheet of paper underneath to break up the negative space.  The colors were just straight from the house paint colors I have lying around, no mixing lesson for the first day of painting : ).  But I really like how the composition and color placement turned out, for a quick demo that is.

Below is the final painting (I admit, somewhat rushed, since I had to submit them today) for the transformer cabinet.  To go along with yesterdays “How Do You Take Your Coffee,”  this one is the result of enjoying the coffee and making a mess.  I know they can’t kick me off the project, but I still want to please them, pray it all goes smoothly and they get my plan.

Coffee Accomplished | Acrylic on Stretched Canvas | 12x24in | $72

Coffee Accomplished | Acrylic on Stretched Canvas | 12x24in | $72


Here’s a pic of the canvas I’m preparing for a commission, biggest one I’ve done yet!  And taking over my studio, yikes!

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