34 Glass Case of Emotion


Another daily painter I was admiring, Lisa Daria, numbers her posts with what number painting she’s on.  Brilliant!  (hence the 34). My husband named this one.  Carol Marine always talks about how she loves the distorted look glass gives things, this helped me ease up on the shapes of my tomatoes, and I do like how the background dips when it hit the glass.  I did one before this but it was so ‘mono-toned’ I had to add something red.  I bet if I made the little vase more green it would pop better.  Lesson learned.

photo 2 (27)

I heard word back from the city about which theme they would like me to pursue!  They chose the breakfast theme, which is fun because it’s right behind a Perkins.  So I was busy practicing some paintings for that today as well, here’s one I’m more proud of.  Hopefully it’s busy enough!

Bacon Strip | Acrylic on Stretched Canvas | 12x24in| $72

Bacon Strip | Acrylic on Stretched Canvas | 12x24in| $72




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