Christmas Ambush


On hold for Trimble Court Artisans in Fort Collins, CO. (11.5inx11.5in on repurposed stretched canvas)

Another dramatic nap time for my kiddo, but once she was downt I had time to try something larger.  I loved how the silver bulb turned out the other day so I featured those guys, plus a gold one, so the lightbulb isn’t totally outnumbered.

Also, I was thinking I would just do a simple grey ground, but once I got there it felt boring….so I added the polka dots.  ::smile::


2 thoughts on “Christmas Ambush

  1. Great stuff so fresh and dashing. Love the color and strokes. Are they purchasable directly thru you? I paint a bit myself but mostly icons for the Greek church. Interested in a trade? Let me know.

    • This collection will be released to a local gallery I’m a part of here in fort Collins later this week. Once the holidays are over I’ll start posting more for purchase for non-locals. Thanks for asking!

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