Pear Demo


On Hold (8x8in on canvas panel)

This morning I got to spend time in a high school classroom!  A friend of mine is a high school art teacher and has been trying to set up a time for me to come do some painting for his class – and today was the day!  It. Was. A. Blast.  I spent about 15 minutes telling them about myself and how I got started, and the process I use when starting a painting.  Then got right into painting a still life in front of them.  Terrifying I know – but my hope to inspire out weights my fear of people watching me paint…usually.  These kids were so great, they asked the best questions and were so encouraging.  At one point my teacher friend asked them what they thought of how I was painting and hearing it in their words was so helpful for me.  Wish I would have recorded it.

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