Pumpkin Vanity


For Sale at Trimble Court Artisans in October, 2017. (11.5×11.5in on 1in deep stretched canvas)

I was itching to paint these pumpkins and metal again, but thought you all might be tired of seeing my same still life objects, so I pulled this tea kettle down and dusted it off and let him have an appearance for once.  Then there was this big awkward space to the right of him – but my Fall set up on the fireplace mantle helped here.  I couldn’t resist these fun mustard balls at Hobby Lobby, glad they got painted too.  Their funky shapes made for great shadows too.

This probably concludes my fall assortment for the gallery here in town, but next I get to put some pieces together for the gift shop at the Fort Collins Museum of Art, so stay tuned.

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