Commission Day


(8x10in on stretched canvas)

The weight of my list of commissions was piling up on me and causing me to not enjoy painting for fun…so I had to check a couple off this week.

This is a family friend and her dog who recently passed away.  I don’t agree to many commissions these days but when someone asks for a memory to be captured forever I usually cave.  Anyways, this one was a joy to paint – phew!  I tried to stay loose and chunky, and luckily with this figure I didn’t have to fuss too much.  Sometimes with faces and skin tones I end up playing and layering too much, but this gal had great shapes and yummy colors.  I simplified the background, as usual, but they were sitting on this warm hard wood floor that I was afraid to change too much.  So I keep similar coloring, even though the dog was very close in color, but I lightened up the dog a bit so she wouldn’t disappear into the floor.


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