Copper and Pumpkin


For Sale at Trimble Court Artisans in October (8x8in on canvas panel)

Continuing with the fall themes – my daughter loves all things baby and when we saw these ‘baby’ pumpkins at the grocery store we of course had to have one.  And for $0.69 I might just go back for a bucket of them. Anyways, I told her we could paint it but I wanted to paint (a picture of) it first.  Together with my trusty copper pitcher it was a joy to paint and the colors I mixed were lovely together!  If-I-say-so-myself.  I guess when I grabbed a white pumpkin, a dark orange copper pitcher, and a blue piece of paper I didn’t immediately know I’d be mixing mossy greens, purply-teals, and glowy oranges.  So. Cool.

Also, for being a white pumpkin, I used surprisingly little white paint.  Here’s proof.

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