Neighbor’s “Weeds”



Not sure if these were actually weeds, or planned, but they were all over this front yard around the corner from our apartment.  They were the prettiest shades of purple, so I grabbed them on our walk last night.

I have the day off today, so I’m working on a bigger still life as well, I’ll post a picture of the progress.  Larger ones that take more ‘sittings’ are always scary because I get a few layers of paint down and it of course doesn’t look like it should.  But once you begin putting the ‘finishing touches’ on it the painting comes together and makes sense.  I always have to push through this middle phase as I doubt myself a ton!  I hope to get it all done in one day, I find that if I let some go till the next time I paint I loose interest and never finish…anyone else?

I also have a secret birthday present for my husband I need to work on too, as his birthday is in less than a week!  He actually spotted me working on it the other day and made a correction on the composition….at least he’ll like it better now that I know how he wants it!

Still Life in progress. 24x24in

Still Life in progress. 24x24in

Sorry it’s a little blurry!  Maybe it will add to the suspense and make the end result look even better. ::wink::  Can you tell I only have a few fabrics to use, they pop up in lots of my still lifes.

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