Find Yourself(ie)


I put the mural on hold to work on another project the City asked me to participate in > the Find Yourself(ie) show at the Lincoln Center in Fort Collins.  The gist is, local artists are painting interactive backdrops for people to take selfies in front of.  It sounded fun right away but the fact that they’re 9 foot x 9 foot backdrops intimidated me, especially considering the other projects I had this month.  Alas, I was convinced, and I’m glad I did because I finished mine yesterday!

I love brushstrokes, this was my favorite part.

After day 1.


The show opens September 1st with a reception from 6-8pm, be there to be the first ones with unique selfies!  The show will go the whole month of September if you can’t make it to first Friday.

2 projects done, 1 to go!

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