Consider the Lilies


SOLD (12x12in on 1in deep repurposed canvas)

I bought these lilies a couple days ago at the grocery store and waited till the began to open up.  Today was the day.  They burst open so brilliantly, but I love painting the closed pods too.  Although, as I’ve said before, my favorite part to paint in a bouquet like this is the negative space.  Look at all those fun shapes – and I just take a giant brush, load it up with paint, and slop it on to create those blurry lines and yummy color blends.

I painted this so fast today I almost want to call it a ‘sketch’ and really study it again tomorrow, but other tasks might take over tomorrow’s precious nap time.

On another note:  I got an update from the city and I can begin painting my mural next week!  Locals > watch out for the walls around the garbage pickup area in the lot on Remington to turn bright orange!  That’s my cue.

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