Siverware Play


SOLD (8x8in on stretched canvas)

Wow guys, silverware is tricky.  You got the foreshortening going on, reflections, and bent shadows!  I have a new fun commission I want to prep for and silverware is one of the subjects that came up as possible ideas.  First of all it was hard getting an interesting composition; do I go OCD and nice and lined up, or do I lay them down as if they just ‘fell’ there.  Hard.

Anyways, I like the result today – and will have to explore this subject more.

On another note;  I just packed up my new (thrift store score) plein air painting easel for our trip to Minnesota.  We’ll be on the lake for half the week and I’m hoping to be able to play a little with it while we’re there.  Mmmm, lake scenes.  Not sure if I’ll get a chance to paint again before we leave, so keep your eyes open for some plein air paintings next week!

I got it for $8 guys!  Makes me want to go to the thrift store every day in hopes of finding another one so I can plein air with a friend.

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