Quick Peonies


SOLD (12x12in on 1in deep canvas)

Painting came before chores during nap time today.  Priorities.  Still waiting for inspiration to strike again.  I feel like before all the visitors and traveling I had so many ideas floating around that I was excited about, but now they’re all gone.  Hmph.  No offense to my lovely visitors – we had a blast!  Just waiting to throw paint around so freely again.

In the meantime, I will paint peonies.  Another one of our bushes here is blooming!  I want them in the house, but I’m afraid if I cut them they won’t last as long.  Painting them makes them last forever.

One thought on “Quick Peonies

  1. chris bailey

    THere is a riot of beautiful peonies that bloom in the Loveland Cemetery, the one that is split by 287. Not sure if they’re in bloom now, but they are stunning when blooming.

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