Colossal Peonies


SOLD (12x12in on 1in deep stretched canvas)

The snow is coming down wet and thick today.  I even hear thunder a little bit ago, I didn’t even know snow storms could have thunder….scary?  The threat is real though – we’ve been hearing branches cracking on some of these older trees, yikes!

Anyways, painting in this glorious snow storm light.  Peonies have been a high request since the last peony post so I thought I’d try them again.

In other news, I was juried into a local gallery here in Fort Collins called Trimble Court Artisans, right in Old Town Square!  This is exciting news.  I remember looking into this gallery years ago when I had moved here from Minnesota, and now to be in it!  So humbled.  I’m anxious to learn how to go about holding paintings for them while still maintaining a presence in my online gallery.  I’ll keep you posted.

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