Giant Peonies for a Gift


(39.5x30in on repurposed canvas)

I pushed through the intimidation and got this guy started. (see this post for details).  And so far I’m really having fun and loving how it’s looking.  Praise Jesus.  It is one of those days I wish the baby would let me know how long she is going to sleep so I could just keep going.  Alas.

This week I also have a painting night with the high school girls from my church, so I was getting some samples ready for that too.  Last time we did floral arrangements and it was more free, this time I wanted to try a still life scene and do more of a step-by-step feel to please the less left-brain inclined.  ::wink::  But I wanted to do it myself a couple times so it sounds clear and also so they can all see some different color combinations.  We always have fun, but I’m praying to teach clearly and suggest helpfully.

Images adapted from Liz Maynes painting, Apple Frenzy.

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