Peony Practice


SOLD (12x12in on 1.5in deep stretched canvas)

My cousin is renewing her vows this weekend and having a big ceremony since 10 years ago when they got married they eloped – so sweet. I’ve been saving a giant canvas to paint for her for this occasion and just like an artist I’ve left it till the last minute ::smile::

Anyways, it sounds like peonies are going to be everywhere and they are her favorite – rightfully so.  But have you ever painted a peony?  Suggested a peony nonetheless.  They’re an explosion of petals, and I was not confident enough to tackle them cold-turkey.  So here’s my 12×12 practice for the larger guy.  I love the unopened buds peonies have, and I think that’s the key to tuning your brain into the fact that they are peonies and not roses in a painting.  So here’s my first attempt and I think I like it.  I was most excited about those yummy oranges scattered among the petals.

Growing more excited about the larger one, soon to some!


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