Tulips and Copper


SOLD (8x8in on canvas panel)

Took my daughter on a WholeFoods date in hopes of buying a big mixed bouquet of flowers to play with for the next couple days.  Unfortunately they didn’t quite have what I was hoping for, so I jumped on the tulip wagon.  I haven’t had much luck with tulips in the past, but I must have learned something because I really enjoy this one.  I might just add one of these copper vases to each still life now, they are such a nice pop of dark values.

The glass item here is an old wiskey decanter I recieved ages ago.  I’ve always loved the circle details on the sides but could never get the glass topper off.  So today I just pretended it wasn’t there – it was the perfect glass addition today.

And like a good artist I hope to get a couple more good still lifes out of these guys.  Stay tuned.

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