Some Thoughts on Canvas Prep


My husband and I were admiring a recent painting and how warm it felt.  Which launched us into a discussion about my use of bright orange as a first coat on most paintings.  I never went to art school and never knew that painting a color on the canvas before you start your painting was a thing > so if any of you self taught artists didn’t know – try it now!

This pirate ship painting was brought up in our discussion last night:

Because I used bright orange as the first layer it made that sail almost glow!

here’s another example:

A favorite portrait of mine back from when I was painting people’s selfies.  The orange once again made all her skin tones warm and glowy.

I also like to put a first layer down because my brush flows so much nicer and holds onto more paint when it doesn’t just get absorbed into the canvas.

A fun trip down memory lane with some older paintings.  Just wanted to share these thoughts!


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