Wedding Day -N/A


Early post this morning as we are going to a wedding later today! I think paintings are a great and personal wedding gift and my husband suggested giving this couple the painting from whatever I do the day of their wedding. How fitting that I’m in a flower phase right now! I really enjoy painting these little glass bottles, the contrast in them (from dark shades to light) is fabulous and fun to paint.

Funny story from this morning; I woke up about an hour and a half before my husband, I’m a morning person : ). Anyways, so I had a quiet time with God, then headed to my art room, set up this composition, mixed the colors, threw it on the canvas. Then I set my palette on the chair behind me, as there’s no more room on my little table of paints next to me. Usually I’m good about remembering that, but I was snapping a photo of this one to post today, and while contemplating the colors in the photo – I mindlessly sat down….hmmm, why does my butt feel cold?  Bah! Maybe my blog should be called the ‘pants-less painter,’ because that’s what I was the rest of the session. ::wink::

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